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"HBS- 730 Neckband Style Stereo Bluetooth Headphone earphone headset ENHANCED AUDIO AND BASS RESPONSE NOISE REDUCTION/ECHO CANCELLATION ADVANCED MULTIPOINT TEXT TO SPEECH Noise Reduction Scans incoming audio for sound outside of the users voice range and removes it from the call. Echo Cancellation Removes feedback that can occur between the microphone and speaker, particularly during conference calls. HD Voice* Compatible Compatible with the HD Voice (AMR Wideband) network. Voice Activated Dialing*** User can initiate calls from the Bluetooth headset using their phones voice dialing feature. Call Reject*** Allows user to reject an incoming call by pressing a single button on the Bluetooth headset. Text to Speech**** Allows user to hear text messages read aloud, usually accomplished through the aid of a smartphone application and the A2DP Bluetooth profile. Audible Pairing Assistance Offers user voice-guided information when pairing the Bluetooth headset with a handset. Easy Pairing Allows user to easily pair their Bluetooth headset with a handset by removing the need for a PIN upon pairing. Auto-Reconnect The Bluetooth headset automatically reconnects to a previously paired handset as soon as it comes back within range. Advanced Multipoint Permits two Bluetooth-enabled handsets to be connected to one Bluetooth headset. Supports call waiting between two paired handsets; during a call the user can accept an incoming call from one handset while putting the other on hold.

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